To Pay or Not to Pay | The Debate on Student-Athletes

Should Colleges Pay Student-Athletes and How Should They Do It?

Imagine having to work endless of hours every day of the week and putting in incredible shows so someone else can get paid in billions. This is the reality for college sportspersons who do not benefit financially from the contributions they make in terms of revenue for their colleges and the neighboring communities.

The situation is made worse by the fact that, for most paramountessays students, such items as recovery items, college tuition, and training gear, which are necessary for them to perform, are not provided for free. They have to use their own money to maintain the high levels of performance. It makes sense, therefore, to ask for such students to obtain some form of remuneration for their contributions. In this article, we tackle the question of whether or not student sportspersons in university ought to be paid.

For most learners, participating in athletics a full-time gig, involving maintaining a healthy diet, training, classes, and media sessions. Of course, while college sports are meant to be supplementary in nature, the schedules by NCAA demand extra periods when learners have to miss classes. They also take part in tournaments that make tons of money from loads of viewers.

Student sportspersons also bring a steady revenue stream to their colleges, particularly when it comes to championship games. Given their contributions, it is only reasonable to expect students to receive at least some portion of the money they help in making. Of course, the amount paid would vary based on numerous factors, including the level of success of the teams and the television time.

An idea for compensation for student sportspersons would be to base the decision on the profits brought in by the teams. For instance, since basketball and football teams tend to earn relatively more, student sportspersons in these fields should earn more. Of course, it may be argued that this does not translate to fair pay, however, team popularity ought to be a factor in determining the amount of pay that is deemed fair.

Another reason why college athletes ought to be remunerated for their efforts is the fact that they are the ones responsible for the hard work. Of course, coaches play an important role in the team, but it is the learner who get the work done in the field. Since coaches get bonuses for their contributions and the records broken, athletes, who do much of the work, need to be commensurately compensated.

Please note that much of the profit obtain from student athletics do not go towards academic education. We are not asking for learners to be given huge salaries and bonuses like the members of the coaching staff and managers. Instead, what students need is essays written for you a sensible amount paid in recognition of their contributions.

Of course, we appreciate that student sportspersons often benefit from scholarships, which pay for their room and book expenditures. However, a few extra dollars can go a long way in compensating the athletes for their dedication and the time they are kept out their classes. For them athletics is akin to a part time job. Another reason to pay students for their efforts is that they do a good job in advertising he college.