How to Write and Format Book Report?

A book report is usually an assignment for students to read a particular book pertaining to a given topic like poetry, science or just an essay and then write a report on the book. The report is usually a summary of the book, its main lessons and even the kind of stylistic devices encompassed by the author in delivering the intended message. Students are usually assigned books to read and write a report in order to expand their scope of knowledge, improve their grammar or even improve creativity. The purpose of the report is to depict the content and structure of the book as a decision tool for consequent readers.

Writing a good book report is an embroiling task. The steps undertaken in writing the book report would include the following:

Read and note the principal characters of the book, its main ideas, its genre and any prolific quote. This is usually the initial step. The student has to read the book to recognize the main characters or ideas presented by the author

After reading and noting down the main info, the reader proceeds to the actual report; he/she should start writing the title of the report. The title of the report is to be creative and should include the name of the book or material.

Write the necessary information of the book; begin with an introductory thesis that would include: author (s) name, title of the book, editor (if any), date of publication, the book genre and its number of pages.

Give a summary of the book; outline the main characters of the book, the main ideas captured by the author.

Give an analysis of the thesis; Express the authors particular point of view in your words or use the authors words if you cannot adequately provide one. The thesis statement should be brief but comprehensive.

Give your opinion: in your words, depict the authors point of view, express your comments on the book structure and if any give your recommendations.

Give the conclusion; conclude the report with your comments mainly on the structure and content and whether you do recommend the book to other readers.

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The book report would be fascinating if the above format is followed unless customized templates are outlined by the intended department or organization.